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· 29/4/12 · Reblog

Kleenex: Always There for You - Filming the TVC

Spending three days to film and direct the TVC was arguably the happiest part of my final year in Lasalle. We had so much fun, the actresses and extras were extremely cooperative, the locations were splendid, and my crew were just marvelously helpful (one of the crew member even baked cupcakes for us!)

The first day of filming was on Thursday, 19 April. We shot at a cafe called Pique Nique; great place, good interior… Had a little bit problem with the lighting, but everything was fine. Eiphel and Kellyn acted their parts so confidently and naturally that it seemed like me and the three cameras were not present.

The 2nd day was Saturday morning, 21 April at Tunas Muda International School’s basketball court and canteen, for the teenage scene. It was Saturday and there was no class so I asked some 20 other friends to dress up in high school uniforms and became the extras (Again, they were amazing). This was the most tiring and time consuming session due to the many takes and angles, as well as having to direct a lot of people in one place. But it was still a great fun.

The 3rd day, Sunday morning, 22 April, we shot at Eiphel’s bedroom, where Chocho and Felice (as young Eiphel and Kellyn) played a game where the loser’s face got to be smeared with lipstick. Yovita played Eiphel’s mom; the one that entered into the room in shock seeing her daughter’s smeared face. She then cleaned Chocho’s face with… (wait for it)… yes, Kleenex tissue. Chocho and Felice acted naturally and payed attention to the directions given, allowing us to wrap the shot rather early. In the end, I allowed Chocho and Felice smear my face with the lipstick… As a payback for asking them to do the same earlier. Lol.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, great great fun, and… Well, seeing my already-university-students-or-even-working-adults friends dressed up in high school uniforms is… Amusing. :)

Special thanks to my wonderful crew members:
Hadi Darmento, Adelia Yosa, Stella Tanuwijaya, Lucia Yani Surya, and all the extras! Thanks again.